2.0 Searching the Web

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Create a Search Tips Page
Add hints and tips that can be used to narrow your search results. Examples that you may have on your page are the special search characters and special search words.

Special Search Characters:
  • Phrase Search (“)
  • Results for synonyms (~)
  • Terms you want to exclude (-)
  • Fill in the blanks (*)
  • Search exactly as it is (+)
Special  Search Words
  • The OR operator
  • Search within a specific website (site)
  • File type (filetype:PDF)

Search assignment Marketing and the Internet

This would be an example of the social network helping a small business

Summary:  Creme Brulee Cart
In San Francisco, a man named Curtis Kimball opened his creme brulee cart, and three weeks later, he noticed a person that hadn’t been there before. The man found out about it on twitter. After that, Curtis went to twitter and signed up for an account. He had 5 400 followers that wait for him to post where his cart is going to be and what the flavors of the day are. Twitter has helped him so much that he had to quit his day job as a carpenter to keep up with the demand.
Source:  N Y Times