4.2.4 Fads and Trends

An example of a fad is pet rocks.  Search the Internet for a time frame.
Believe it or not, as the fad was dying, someone opened a pet rock cemetery -- don't believe me, search it.

What is a Fad? 

How does a fad differ from a trend?

Find 5 fads from the past.  (There are some good websites with dedicated to past fads)
* Pet Rocks –> Pet Rock Cemeteries

What fad were you a part of?  How old were you?

Name 2 current fads.

Name 2 current trends.

Think about the work you have done on target markets; which target market do many fads target?  Why?  

What price range are many of the fads?  Why do you think this is the case? 

What pricing strategy do fads tend to use?  Why do you think this is the case?

Is shamwow a fad?  Why, why not?  How about the chopomatic?

What describe the target market for the clapper.  Is / was the clapper a fad or trend, why?  Is it still available?

What new trend do you see currently starting?  You may state a product or products to show you trend.  OR you may state a new target market trend then list the products this new target market trend would be interested in.