4.1.3 Place

Place is also known as the Channel of Distribution.
Place deals with the queston:  "How does the product get from the manufacturer to the consumer?"

• physical distribution, storage, inventory management, channel selections – the marketing channel is the path the goods take from the manufacturer to the final user

• manufacturer, importer, wholesalers, retailers, consumers

• channels: vending machines, telemarketing, catalogue sales, e-commerce, door to door, product parties – i.e. tupperware

Assignment #1:
Find unusual channels of distribution:

French Fries from a vending machine
Drinks in a clothing store

Two major Channels of Distributions:  Direct Marketing Channel and Indirect Marketing Channel

Assignment #2
Draw diagrams to show where each of these players fit into the channel of distribution.  Give an example of a product that fits into that channel.

Classic Players in the Distribution channels:
* manufacturer
* importer
* wholesalers
* dealers (dealerships)
* retailers
* consumers

Assignment #3
Determine the normal channels of distributions for the following products.
  • Coke / Pepsi
  • Timex watches
  • Rolex watches
  • Tupperware
  • Rubber Maid containers
  • chewing gum
Bonus:  Diamonds 

There are some products that "break" the normal channels of distribution.