4.1.1 Product

Watch Dove and Axe commercials on YouTube

Choose a consumer product. ( price under $30).  Find commercials on YouTube.  Besides the physical product, what is being sold?

Add the product you  choose to the Google doc -- Product:  What is being sold.  Be prepared to show you commercial and talk about the product being sold. Add notes to your Google site so you can discuss your thoughts and ideas with the class.

More about Product
includes research, product development, packaging labeling, guarantees and branding
ie McDonalds brands many of their products as “mc”
when brand names are registered, no one else can use them, they are called trademarkes
Consider the personality of the product as being part of the product.  
Ask yourself "what is being purchased beside the physical product"

Product Differentiation: how one product is sold as being different from another